Stair Climber

A stair climber enables people who live in flats above the ground floor and are housebound, to get out of their home and then transported to their destination.  

HcL has two stair climbers which are available for drivers to support passengers with.

How does it work?

Each passenger that wishes to use this service has to have a home assessment by our Operations Manager to:

  • ensure the stair climber can work on the stairs involved. 
  • ensure that the passenger can move from their wheelchair to the stair climber.

For each booking, two drivers are involved in supporting the passenger from their home and onto the vehicle. One driver goes in front of the passenger and the other is behind the passenger who guides and operates the stair climber. The passenger moves from their wheelchair to the stair climber, and then the drivers will push the passenger to the stairs and start the stair climber to glide down the stairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs, the passenger will move back to their wheelchair and the driver will take them to the Dial-A-Ride vehicle, ensure they are safely onboard and take them to their chosen destination.

How much does this service cost?

As two drivers are required for collecting the passenger and supporting them to the bus and the same again for the return journey, we normally charge passengers for this service. This is 110. There is an additional 50 charge for the initial assessment, which is a one-time cost. 

We have secured funding from The Row Fogo Charitable Trust and Baillie Gifford Foundation which means we can currently provide this service free of charge, although there is still a charge for the passengers journey.

We recognise that this cost is or can be a barrier for some to use this service, and for others to use it more often. We will continue to apply for funding to hopefully allow further provision of this service at not cost.  

How can I book?

Call 0131 447 9949 for bookings in Edinburgh, East and Midlothian. For West Lothian, call 01506 633953.

If you have not used the stair climber before, then our Operations Manager will contact you to make arrangements to carry out the assessment. For any further information, please contact 0131 447 9949.