Dial-A-Bus Service

Dial-A-Bus provides a supported door-through-door transport service to access a local major shopping centre or supermarket.

The service is for people of all ages with limited mobility who are unable to use ordinary buses to access major shops. Limited mobility can be due to age, illness, health condition (long term or short term), disability or geographical remoteness. You will need to register to use the service, however this is free and very quick.

The driver will give you any help you need to get from your home and onto the bus. You will have between 1 to 2 hours at the supermarket or shopping centre and then the driver will collect you. Our driver will help you onto the vehicle, as required, and carry your shopping onto the vehicle. Each passengers has a separate space for their shopping to be stored. Once home, the driver will take your shopping into your home for you, if required.

Each vehicle can carry two wheelchair passengers in their wheelchairs. Each route takes passengers to fully accessible shopping areas.

Travel can be booked for the return journey or just one way.

Booking in advance is required. Please note you can call on the day to check availability.

Card payments are now accepted on all vehicles.

"This service has been of great value to me. I am now able to go shopping, which I have been unable to do for many years."

‘"It is a wonderful service. I would not be able to get out and do my shopping. The drivers are so helpful. They do excellent work."

"I have made new friends since DAB and it’s lovely. I look forward to seeing them. It stops loneliness and makes life easier for me. Thank you."

"Brilliant Service – able to get a ‘big shop’. Also still giving you independence."

Always a great laugh on the bus
and support to get on and off the bus

This short film shows cleaning procedures that have been introduced in response to Covid-19 for the wellbeing of our passengers and staff. In addition, there are screens between each row of seats in a Dial-A-Bus vehicle.