Dial-A-Ride provides a door-through-door transport service for people with limited mobility who are unable to use ordinary buses due to age, illness, health condition (long term or short term), disability or geographical remoteness.

Passengers tell us:

‘‘This service is a lifeline to me as it enables me to get out and about without worry. The drivers are fantastic and patient. I can’t praise the service enough’.

‘DAR gives me independence, I don’t need to wait until there is someone to take me where I want to go.’

‘The service is a delight to travel on’.

The service operates seven days a week including evenings, subject to availability.

Once registered, you simply phone 0131 447 9949 for Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian journeys and 01506 633953 for West Lothian journeys. As part of the booking process, the dispatcher will tell you the price of the journey. Prices are very reasonable and significantly cheaper than taxis. Dial-A-Ride is charged on a mileage basis at £4.75 for the first mile plus 40p per mile thereafter.

You can get £5 off your first booking.

It is advisable to book in advance, but you can try for bookings on the same day or day ahead although the availability of these bookings is subject to demand. 

Our vehicles are specially adapted to carry combinations of wheelchair users and other passengers safely and comfortably.

Your driver will also assist you - it is part of the service - so please do not offer a tip.

Yes. Registration is free but provides us with the information on your level of mobility and so we can plan around the number of wheelchairs per journey.

Just complete the online form .

Passengers must be resident in Edinburgh or the Lothians. Journeys are usually undertaken to places within Lothian.

A special tariff is applied for journeys to destinations outwith the Lothian area. Prices will be quoted on request.