Dial-A-Ride Service Costs and Calculator

Dial-A-Ride is charged on a mileage basis at 6.50 for the first mile plus 90p per mile thereafter. (Effective from 1st April 2024 and subject to periodic change.)

Up to 6.50 off your first trip.

Group Fares

Additional passengers pay a 3.00 flat fare when accompanying a full-fare passenger on the same journey.


Dial-A-Ride - one genuine escort may travel free on Dial-A-Ride. 


A cancellation fee of 6.50 may be charged if bookings are cancelled without 24 hours notice.

Waiting Time

An additional charge may be applied for any waiting time incurred.


The standard fare applies for each child.


We have a stairclimber available, click here for more information.

Our calculator below will provide you with a price for a Dial-A-Ride based on the details entered.  Please note that this fare is applicable only for travel within Lothian.  

Any trips outside that go outside of the Lothians are calculated differently. A price can be provided by the dispatch team at your local office.

Cost Calculator